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Liam Sharp

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Cover art: Liam Sharp

Parliament Jones backed up against the sink, away from the spinning terrible tortured terrifying Oman that spat its firey dust and span towards him, span and span, and he pissed himself and cried and ran, and then puked at the end of Darwin Alley when he knew it wasn't following him any longer . . .

Andrew Wilmingot’s cult 1963 novella is a post-modern tour de force. Terrifying, heart-breaking and honest, it charts the fortunes of Wilmingot’s alter-ego, Parliament Jones, as he faces his own sense of failure, attempts to understand his place in the Universe, and flees the ‘ab-life’ horror called the Oman, that may or may not be a manifestation of his failing sanity.

Unsigned jacketed hardcover 

Limited to 100 signed copioes

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