Amberjack: Tales of Fear and Wonder

Bill's Stuff - Terry Dowling

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Limited Edition - PC - Bill's Copy
Limited Edition

Dust jacket by Nick Stathopoulos

Fear and wonder, a powerful combination.

Terry Dowling is one of the best kept secrets in modern science fiction, fantasy and horror, a storyteller that Grand Master Jack Vance in his introduction calls, “A very talented writer, one I admire and respect.”

Now, for the first time, Amberjack: Tales of Fear & Wonder gives us the best of Terry’s recent uncollected work in a single wonderful volume. From invasion by the truly alien in “The Lagan Fishers”, “Truth Window” and “Flashmen” to the gut-wrenching horror of “Toother” and “The Suits at Auderlene”, from the day-after-tomorrow, hardline SF of “He Tried to Catch the Light” to the epic sweep and swashbuckling adventure of “The Library”, this is imaginative storytelling as it should be: provocative, unsettling, beautifully crafted, full of invention and genuine surprise and, yes, a definite touch of the dark side.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Jack Vance
  • Preface
  • Amberjack
  • The Lagan Fishers
  • Glencoe
  • The Fooly
  • Now, Then, Everywhen
  • The Magikkers
  • The Lure of Legendary Ladies
  • He Tried to Catch the Light
  • Bermudas
  • Flashmen
  • The Blue Marlin Whore
  • Toother
  • China in His Day
  • The View in Nancy’s Window
  • Mr. Fate & Mr. Danger
  • Jarkman at the Othergates
  • Ithaca
  • Some Roses for the Bonestell Man
  • Gantry Jack
  • The Suits at Auderlene
  • At the Sign of the Moon
  • Truth Window: A Tale of the Bedlam Rose
  • Down in the Limbo Gardens
  • The Library
  • Déjà-vu

Limited to 750 signed numbered hardcover copies and sold out at the publisher

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Publisher Subterranean Press