A Mountain Walked

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Limited Edition - Consignment (note the front pastedown is a little frayed at the top as pictured to the left, this is a production thing, the book is as new)
Limited Edition


A Mountain Walked is an oversized anthology with almost 700 pages. S.T. Joshi has selected the best of the reprinted Cthulhu Mythos stories and combined them with over a dozen new works written just for this anthology. This book has over 25 stories, including new stories by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Donald Tyson, Cody Goodfellow, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Jonathan Thomas, Laird Barron, Michael Shea, Patrick McGrath, Mark Samuels, Gemma Files, and others. The book also has new artwork by David Ho, John Kenn Mortensen, Drazen Kozjan, Denis Tiani, and Thomas Ott.

The edition is limited to 500 copies for sale. Each copy is signed by Thomas Ligotti, T.E.D. Klein, Laird Barron, Caitlín R. Kiernan, and many others. The signature pages are signed by 25 people and went halfway around the world for signatures. The book is 692 pages. There are several pages of full color artwork, too. 

The book is oversize as well, measuring over 7 × 11 inches tall. The book comes in its own clothbound slipcase and has a stunning full color dustjacket by David Ho and the usual goodies: image on the front board, ribbon marker, and head and tail bands in a gorgeous cloth bound Smyth-sewn book. This landmark anthology will surely be known as a classic in its field. 

Table of Contents:

  • The House of the Worm—Mearle Front
  • Far Below—Robert Barbour Johnson
  • Spawn of the Green Abyss—C. Hall Thompson
  • The Deep Ones—James Wade
  • [Art Portfolio]—Erlend Mark
  • The Franklyn Paragraphs—Ramsey Campbell
  • Where Yidhra Walks—Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
  • [Art Portfolio]—Allen Koszowski
  • Black Man with a Horn—T.E.D. Klein
  • The Last Feast of Harlequin—Thomas Ligotti
  • Only the End of the World Again—Neil Gaiman
  • Mandelbrot Moldrot—Lois H. Gresh
  • Black Brat of Dunwick—Stanley C. Sargent
  • [Art Portfolio]—Stanley C. Sargent
  • The Phantom of Beguilement—W. H. Pugmire
  • …Hungry…Rats—Joseph S. Pulver, Jr.
  • Virgin’s Island—Donald Tyson
  • In the Shadow of the Sword—Cody Goodfellow
  • Mobymart After Midnight—Jonathan Thomas
  • A Gentleman from Mexico—Mark Samuels
  • Man with No Name—Laird Barron
  • John Four—Caitlin R. Kiernan
  • Sigma Octanis—Rhys Hughes
  • [Anasazi]—Gemma Files
  • The Wreck of the Arrow—Patrick McGrath
  • Thirteen Hundred Rats—T. C. Boyle
  • Beneath the Beardmore—Michael Shea
  • Rupa Worms from Outer Space—Denis Tiani
  • Pickman’s Model—H. P. Lovecraft (illustrated by John Kenn Mortensen)
  • The Lurking Fear—H. P. Lovecraft (illustrated by Thomas Ott)
  • Excerpts from a Notebook—Druzen Kozjan
  • [cartoons]—Julien Bazinet
  • [Notes]—Contributors

Edition information:

  • Limited to 500 copies, each signed by over 20 contributors, the following are those that have signed:
    Caitlín Kiernan
    Thomas Ligotti
    Ted Klein
    S.T. Joshi
    Wilum Pugmire
    David Ho
    Gemma Files
    Laird Barron
    Cody Goodfellow
    Ramsey Campbell
    Lois Gresh
    John Coulthart
    Walter C Debill
    Allen Koszowski
    Rhys Hughes
    Erlend Mork
    Drazen Kozjan
    John Kenn Mortensen
    Thomas Ott
    Jonathan Thomas
    Joseph S. Puliver
    Denis Tiani
    Patrick McGrath
    Stanley Sargent
    Donald Tyson
  • New stories by Caitlín R. Kiernan, Patrick McGrath, Gemma Files, Michael Shea, and many others.
  • New artwork by David Ho, John Kenn Mortensen, and Thomas Ott.
  • Oversize format, full cloth binding, ribbon marker.
  • Cloth slipcase.
  • Sold out at the publisher
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