A Little Magenta Book about a Dollhouse

Edward Lee - Bill's Stuff

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It’s a horror house, a slaughter house, a devil house.  And it’s something else, too:

A doll house.

Reginald Lympton collects doll houses, and now that he’s acquired the rare Patten Doll House, he can boast the most preeminent collection in the world.  But after visions too abominable to reckon, and nightmares blacker than the most bottomless abyss, he discovers in short order that his acquisition is not a prized collector’s item at all but a diabolical thoroughfare designed to serve the darkest indulgences of the King of Terrors. 

Now, Edward Lee, the master of hardcore horror, has penned this audacious homage to the master of the Victorian ghost story, M.R. James.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies

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Publisher Borderlands Press