A Handful of Coppers

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Lettered Edition

Just as with Triskell Tales, this collection is the publishing event of the year for Charles de Lint's fans!

This first volume (of a projected three) will be over 400 pages, and will include nearly 50,000 words of never-before-published short stories, as well as those from obscure publications that have probably eluded even the most ardent de Lint readers. That's not all, his legendary novella, "The Fair in Emain Macha" will also be included.


  • Aynber
  • "The Fair, the Foul & the Foolish"
  • "Wizard's Bounty"
  • "Stormraven"
  • "The Valley of the Troll"
  • "The Road to Jarawen" (unpublished)
  • "A Handful of Coppers" (unpublished)
  • Colum mac Donal
  • "Night of the Valkings"
  • "The Ring of Brodgar"
  • "The Iron Stone"
  • "The Fair in Emain Macha"
  • Damon
  • "Damon: A Prologue" (unpublished)
  • "Wings Over Antar"
  • "Dark God Laughing" (unpublished)
  • Liavek
  • "The Rat's Alley Shuffle"
  • "The Skin & Knife Game" (collaboration with Lee Barwood)

Limited: Signed, fully cloth bound hardcover

Lettered: Limited to 52 signed, traycased copies with a chapbook of extra material: $200

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Publisher Subterranean Press