Weird Adventures/Weird Thrillers: Pre Code Classics Collected Works cover

PS Publishing

Weird Adventures/Weird Thrillers: Pre Code Classics Collected Works * *

Trade Edition $60.00
Slipcased Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Sporting what must surely be one of the finest (albeit short) runs of painted covers, Ziff Davis’s WEIRD THRILLERS and the one-shot (numbered 10—go figure) WEIRD ADVENTURES remain one of the field’s most overlooked entries. Until now. Following on from their hugely popular HARVEY HORRORS line (recently completed, along with PLANET), Those lovable folks at PS  have added this wonderful and complete volume that—with the likes of Frank Giacola, Ross Andru, Sy Barry, Howard Nostrand, George Tuska, Alex Toth, Murphy Anderson and others—will have any self-respecting fan drooling.
Artists include Sy Barry, Ross Andru, Bob Powell, George Tuska, Allen Anderson, Alex Toth, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson and Gene Colan.           
This volume features the ZIFF-DAVIES issues of Weird Adventures # 1 July/August 1951 & Weird Thrillers # 1 – 5 September/October 1951 to October/November 1952.

Unsigned hardcover

Slipcased: Housed in a full colour slipcase.



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