The Rising: Death In Four Colors cover

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The Rising: Death In Four Colors Brian Keene

Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Cover Artwork & Illustrations by Zac Atkinson

Delirium Books is proud to present this miscellany from Brian Keene (The Rising, City of the Dead, The Conqueror Worms) and artist Zac Atkinson (Teen Titans, JLA, Wonder Woman).

Word of a major comic adaptation of Brian Keene’s The Rising rocked the genre—as did the unfortunate news of its sudden cancellation. Fans lamented that they’d never see the unfinished project—until now…

A combination of art book, script book, and history lesson, The Rising: Death In Four Colors includes Keene’s completed comic scripts for issues one through three, and Atkinson’s artwork, sketches, and layouts. It also includes an outline for the unfinished issues four through six, and an all-new, lengthy essay by Brian Keene, in which he frankly discusses the creation of the comic and details the factors that led to the unfinished project's ultimate downfall.

Whether you’re a die-hard Brian Keene fan, a comic book collector, or someone who is interested in creating comics, The Rising: Death In Four Colors is a fascinating look at what could have been.

This miscellany is a must-have for any Keene collector!

Limited to 500 signed hardcovers and SOLD OUT at the publishers


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