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The Hollower Trilogy Mary SanGiovanni

The Triumvirate (Hard Rain Series) $35.00
Matching Limited Edition Set (Supercel Series) $200.00

The Hollower

1st book in The Hollower Trilogy

Something alien is stalking residents of Lakehaven, New Jersey. It can't see them, hear them, or touch them, but it knows them — their fears, their insecurities, and their secrets. It knows how to destroy them from the inside out. And it won't stop until each of them is dead. Dave Kohlar has never felt like he was good for anything. But when his sanity, his life, and the safety of his only family and friends is in danger, he has to look inside himself for a strength that his otherwordly enemy can't touch -- strength that can hopefully save them all.

Note: This is book one of Mary SanGiovanni's The Hollower Trilogy. The books are designed to be displayed as a set, so all buyers of book 1 will automatically be put on my pre-order sheet for book 2 and 3 when they are released. The release schedule for these is March (book 1), May (book 2), July (book 3). Also, only the third book will be also available as an Hard Rain edition.

Limited to 85 signed and numbered copies

Found You

2nd book in The Hollower Trilogy

In the town of Lakehaven, New Jersey, an evil has returned from between dimensions. It is looking for vengeance. It is looking to destroy, body and soul. Dave Kohlar and his friend Erik fought an evil like it once before, and they were nearly killed trying to defeat it. They had hoped that it was over, and their lives could be peaceful and happy. But this kind is different; it is hungrier, it is angry, and it is very, very strong. With loved ones falling prey to its all-encompassing hate, Dave and Erik and some new friends look to close the door on it for good.

Limited to 85 signed and numbered copies

The Triumvirate

3rd book in The Hollower Trilogy

Erik McGavin finally has his life back from the monsters who sought to destroy him inside and out. He has come from having nothing to having a happy, stable life with his beautiful wife, a home, and a baby on the way. But there are signs the rift has opened again, and that what has come through this time is the ultimate deadly force: the Three are looking to cauterize our dimension, and have powers beyond anything our world — or theirs — have ever seen.

Limited to 85 signed and numbered copies

Limited to 165 signed hardcover copies (Hard Rain Series)

Matching numbered set of all 3 books in the series published under the Supercell Series


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