The Forum cover

Cemetery Dance

The Forum James Newman

Limited Edition $50.00

Featured Artist: Jill Bauman

#5 in the Signature Series

Online message boards.

You've seen them around the Internet. Perhaps you've been a member of several. You've cursed the spammers and trolls, witnessed the flounces and the flame wars waged by faceless usernames with nothing better to do.

There are millions of different message boards throughout the World Wide Web, all of them catering to different hobbies and cultures and fetishes. They are communities for people with common interests, a gathering of like minds and kindred souls . . . .

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are currently over 500 active serial killers within the United States.

Somewhere out there, isn't it possible that an online message board exists for those who live outside society's rules? For those who kill for the thrill of it, and yearn for the taste of blood?

A place to swap stories . . . to boast of their exploits and discuss tricks of "the trade." A safe haven where mementos can be displayed . . . where members can learn how to hone their dark craft, and maybe make a few new friends in the process . . . .

This is THE FORUM.

About the Author:
James Newman lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife, Glenda, and their son, Jamie. His published works include the novels Midnight Rain, The Wicked, and Animosity, and the short-story collection People Are Strange.

James admits that he spends too much time on Internet message boards (when he should be writing), but he has yet to stumble across anything like The Forum.

He's sure it exists, though. Somewhere.

Limited to 550 signed and numbered copies bound in full-cloth and Smyth sewn with illustrated endpapers and sold out at publisher


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