The Anathema Cell cover

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The Anathema Cell Mary SanGiovanni

Chapbook - Softcover $15.00
Chapbook - Matching #'d Hardcover set of Anathema Cell and Essence of Amy $100.00

First in our new Deluxe Chapbook Series

The Anathema Cell by Mary SanGiovanni
Cover art:  Stephen Cooney

A new short story blending science fiction with horror!

As this is the first in the series, those that purchase a copy will have first right of refusal to same number (either softcover or hardcover) with the next publication in this line.

Softcover:  limited to 100 signed and numbered copies in wrappers with color cover artwork

Hardcover:  limited to 50 signed and numbered copies 1/2 bound in black leather binding with French Marble papers and color cover artwork tipped in.






Note: We are only selling the hardcover as a matching numbered set which includes both Anathema Cell and Essence of Amy (click here for more information on Essence of Amy).  Purchasing the matching numbered set gives you first right of refusal to the next chapbook we produce in this line


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