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Phantoms At the Phil * *

Limited Edition $40.00

A collection of three new ghost stories by authors Gail-Nina Anderson, Chaz Brenchley and Sean O'Brien specially written for an evening of ghost story reading presented at the Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle Upon Tyne around Christmas 2004/5.

This book contains those tales together with an introduction/essay by noted author Ramsey Campbell together with an audio CD of the authors radings on the night


  • Preface/Chaz Brenchley
  • The Ghosts Approach/Ramsey Campbell
  • The Custodian/Sean O'Brien
  • The Dust Jacket/Gail-Nina Anderson
  • Another Chart of the Silences/Chaz Brenchley

Limited to 300 hardbound copies that have been signed by Gail-Nina Anderson, Chaz Brenchley and Sean O'Brien


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