Pelquin’s Comet: Book One of The Dark Angels cover

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Pelquin’s Comet: Book One of The Dark Angels Ian Whates

Matching Limited Edition Set of Book 1 and 2 $90.00

Cover art by Jim Burns

In an age of exploration, the crew of the freetrader Pelquin’s Comet – a rag-tag group of misfits, ex-soldiers and ex-thieves – set out to find a cache of alien technology, intent on making their fortunes; but they are not the only interested party and find themselves in a deadly race against corporate agents and hunted by the authorities. Forced to combat enemies without and within, they strive to overcome the odds under the watchful eye of an unwelcome guest: Drake, agent of the bank funding their expedition, who is far more than he seems and may represent the greatest threat of all.

Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies - this is for a matching numbered set of Book 1 and 2



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