Olivia: Catalogue Raisonne 1980-1995 Fifteen Years cover

Robert Bane

Olivia: Catalogue Raisonne 1980-1995 Fifteen Years Olivia *

Signed 1st US Trade $200.00

The entire collection of limited editions and other print work by the world renowned artist Olivia spanning fifteen years. No artist has protrayed women in a more playful, provocative and playful way. This hardbound book contains over 125 color images, all of which are for sale in limited and unlimited editions. Olivia has painted many beautiful models such as Pamela Anderson, Julie Strain, Sandra Taylor, Tracy Tweed, Bettie Page, Susie Owens, Lillian Mueller, Monique Gabrielle and Rhonda Sheer, all of whom are seen within the pages of this book. Included in the book is an index on where and when each print was published and its source, a biography and a listing of all the artist's exhibitions, periodicals, and selected articles. A must for the collector of pin-up, erotica or glamour art.

1st US Edition signed by Olivia


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