Little Books, Series 1 and 2 - Matching Numbered Set cover

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Little Books, Series 1 and 2 - Matching Numbered Set * *

Matching Limited Edition Set of Series 1 and First 14 Books in Series 2 $2,500.00

Matching numbered set (Series 1) consisting of:

â—¦ Little Red Book of Vampire Stores by John Maclay
â—¦ Little Black Book of Noir Stories by Tom Piccirilli
â—¦ Little Green Book of Monster Stories by Joe R. Lansdale
â—¦ Little Orange Book of Odd Stories by Gary A. Braunbeck
â—¦ Little Purple Book of Peculiar Stories by Craig Shaw Gardner
â—¦ Slipcase for 1st 5 Little Books
â—¦ Little Blue Book of Rose Stories by Peter Straub
â—¦ Little Gray Book of Alien Stories by John DeChancie
â—¦ Little Brown Book of Bizarre Stories by Thomas F. Monteleone
â—¦ Little Beige Book of Nondescript Stories by F. Paul Wilson
â—¦ Little Yellow Book of Fevered Stories by Al Sarrantonio
â—¦ Slipcase for 2nd 5 Little Books
â—¦ Little White Book of Lies by David Silva
â—¦ Little Magenta Book of Mean Stories by Elizabeth Massie
â—¦ Little Brass Book of Full Metal Stories by Douglas Winter
â—¦ Little Silver Book of Street Wise Stories by Brian Keene
â—¦ Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff by Neil Gaiman
â—¦ Slipcase for 3rd 5 Little Books 

NOTE: All the above titles are sold out at the publisher



Borderlands Press is now doing Series II of Litlle Books and by purchasing the set above it give you rights to the same number in Series II of which the following have been published and the price for Series I includes these titles:

  • A Little Aqua Book of Creature Tails by David Schow
  • A Little Orange Book of Ornery Stories by Ed Gorman
  • A Little Black Book of Horror Tales by Dennis Etchison
  • A Little White Book of Ghost Stories by Rick Hautala
  • A Little Emerald Book of Ephemera by Jack Ketchum
  • Slipcase for 1st 5 Little Books in Series 2
  • A Little Purple Book of New Orleans Stories by Poppy Z. Brite
  • A Little Grey Book of Grim Tales by Ray Garton
  • A Little Brown Book of Burials by Laird Barron
  • A Little Magenta Book About a Dollhouse by Edward Lee
  • A Little Blue Book of Bibliomancy by Chet Williamson
  • Slipcase for 2nd 5 Little Books in Series 2
  • A Little Ochre Book of Occult Stories by Karl Edward Wagner
  • A Little Red Book of  Murder Stories by Bill Pronzini
  • A Little Bronze Book of Cautionary Tales by Jonathan Maberry
  • A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers by Joe Hill


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