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Is There A Demon In You? * *

Limited Edition $50.00
Lettered Edition $300.00

Cover art: Chad Savage
End papers and interior art: Glenn Chadbourne
Page count: 303

Contains the following novellas:

The Witching Tree by Brian Keene
Fan-favorite Levi Stoltzfus (the ex-Amish occult detective from Brian's Ghost Walk and A Gathering of Crows) returns home to fact a very different sort of possession--one that will rock his faith to its core and challenge everything he believes.

Possessing Amy by Mary SanGiovanni
When police officer Liam McInnes answers a domestic disturbance call, he discovers a battered woman whose inner demons have given her a new kind of strength. But in order to free her of those demons, Liam will have to navigate the gray areas of evil, and face the desperation that comes with true possession of another.

Mr. Gray by Nate Southard
After years of terror and heartbreak, Ben Gregory confronts the demon that possessed him as a child, but how many innocents will suffer in order for him to get revenge?

Amber Alert by Wrath James White
All over Las Vegas, women are giving birth to monsters. While on a search for a missing child, Spencer Logan stumbles into a world of occult science, demonic pregnancies, and an angry young scientist intent on changing humanity's genetic future.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered hardcover copies

While the above stories may one day appear in digital or paperback form, this will not happen for at least two years from date of publication of the limited.

Those ordering direct from us will also receive a free chapette as follows (1 chapette per 1 book ordered):

Fast Zombies Suck by Brian Keene
Baby Teeth by Mary SanGiovanni
The Devil Crashed In by Nate Southard
Tamara's Last Exorcism by Wrath James White

Chapettes are limited to 125 signed and numbered softcover copies

Here's how the chapettes work:

With each order of a book, we will include a chapette with the shipment or paid for copy, put in hold box. Please don't ask for a particular chapette as they will be shipped one after the other as books are shipped or put in a hold box, while supplies last. What that means is, when I ship out a book, or put a paid for copy in your hold box, I'll include "Fast Zombies Suck", with the next book, I'll include "Baby Teeth", then "The Devil Crashed In" with the next book and "Tamara's Last Exorcism" with the next, and then start the sequence over.

While we know that this may upset some of our customers, this was the only way we felt we could be fair with the allocation of the chapettes. Again, please don't ask for a specific chapette as this is a free "thank you" for your support.

NOTE: Dealer copies will NOT include the chapette - the only way to get the chapette is to order direct from us.

Details on the lettered state


Lettered Details (when ordering, please give me your first and second choice of the artwork - you will need to see what's available by checking the news article entitled "Another Exciting Announcement")

  • Limited to 26 signed and lettered copies and 4 signed PC copies
  • Half-bound in Italian Black Leather with French Marble Paper over Boards
  • Ribbon marker
  • Headbands
  • Gold-Stamping to spine
  • Details on the lettered state of the chapbook that accompanies each lettered copy
  • Chapbook consists of the 4 chapettes that were given away with the limited state
  • Fast Zombies Suck by Brian Keene
  • Baby Teeth by Mary SanGiovanni
  • The Devil Crashed In by Nate Southard
  • Tamara's Last Exorcism by Wrath James White
  • Limited to 26  unsigned lettered copies and 4 unsigned PC copies
  • Half-bound in Black Cloth with French Marble Paper over Boards
  • Black Endpapers
  • Hand-Sewn
  • Both lettered book and lettered chapbook housed in a clamshell traycase


  • Custom Black Leather Half-Bound Clamshell Traycase
  • French Marble Paper
  • Right Hand Tray Case houses both book and chapbook
  • Gold-Stamping to spine
  • Original piece of art laid into the left-hand side of the traycase



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