In the Realms of Mystery and Wonder cover

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In the Realms of Mystery and Wonder Clark Ashton Smith

Limited Edition $250.00

Collected Prose Poems and Artwork of Clark Ashton Smith

For many years, the artwork of Clark Ashton Smith was a mere rumor to most of those who read his stories and poems. Like many of his current admirers, this book’s editor first became acquainted with the artwork of Clark Ashton Smith through the tantalizing references that his correspondent and friend H. P. Lovecraft scattered throughout his stories like malignant Easter eggs. Photographs of some of his carvings had graced the dustjackets of Arkham House books, but these were themselves rarities and only served to tantalize the reader further. 

At long last the veil has been drawn back. In the Realms of Mystery and Wonder presents, for the first time, over two hundred of Smith’s sculptures, paintings and drawings in all their wonder. Included are paintings that he did for his well-known poem “The Hashish-Eater,” as well as drawings that he did to illustrate Lovecraft’s story “The Lurking Fear” and his own stories in Weird Tales. 

Also included are all of Smith’s prose poems, including several that have not been collected, as well as memoirs and appreciations by Donald Sidney-Fryer, Fritz Leiber, Eric Barker, and many of Smith’s friends and fellow writers.

Edition Specifications

  • Oversized at 7 × 10 inches.
  • Signed by editor Scott Connors with a facsimile signature by Clark Ashton Smith
  • Signed edition limited to 300 copies.
  • All of the prose poems by Clark Ashton Smith.
  • Introduction by Scott Connors.
  • Rare artwork and sculptures by Clark Ashton Smith.
  • Many photographs of Clark Ashton Smith.


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