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Cemetery Dance
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Imagination Fully Dilated, Volume I and II * *

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Imagination Fully Dilated

Edited by Alan M. Clark and Elizabeth Engstrom
Published by Cemetery Dance

Imagination Fully Dilated is a deluxe limited edition anthology edited by Alan M. Clark and Elizabeth Engstrom. This is a truly unique volume -- a lavishly illustrated anthology turned inside out...featuring magnificent full-color artwork by award-winning artist Alan M. Clark and short stories based on the art by some of today's greatest imaginations! A once-in-a-lifetime collector's item, this anthology features 29 pieces of artwork (24 reproduced in stunning full-color and five monochrome), plus 28 brand new, never-before-published stories including:

  • "Firedance" by Jack Ketchum
  • "Dead Blue" by Lucy Taylor
  • "265 and Heaven" by Douglas Clegg
  • "By the Time We Get to Uranus" by Ray Vukcevich
  • "Fates' Exile" by Denise M. Bruchman
  • "Little Angels" by peteso
  • "Never to be Heard" by Ramsey Campbell
  • "In Living Color (A Denouement)" by David Conover
  • "One Fine Day Upon the River Styx" by Elizabeth Engstrom
  • "Strike of the Garbagemen" by Alan M. Clark & Stephen C. Merritt
  • "Gino Scarlatti's Brush with Strange" by Nancy Holder
  • "Blue" by Richard Chizmar
  • "Arise" by Poppy Z. Brite
  • "Fractures of the Heart" by Robert Devereaux
  • "Erotorium" by Steven Spruill
  • "Not Broken, Not Belonging" by Randy Fox
  • "Lysing Toward Bethlehem" by F. Paul Wilson
  • "Cold Beneath the Vinegar Tree" by Yvonne Navarro
  • "Fast Wedded to the Ground" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • "Stillborn" by John Pelan & Edward Lee
  • "I Have a Little Shadow" by Elizabeth Massie
  • "Immaterial Girl" by Michael Arnzen
  • "Lost" by Steve & Melanie Tem
  • "Fifth Step" by John Davis
  • "Under Your Skin" by Thomas F. Monteleone
  • "Blackbirds" by Norman Partridge
  • "The Space Between the Lines" by Peter Crowther
  • "Drowning with Others" by Gary A. Braunbeck

Limited to 600 signed (by all 32 contributors) and numbered copies and sold out at the publishers

Imagination Fully Dilated, Volume II

Edited by Elizabeth Engstrom
Pubilshed by IFD Publishing

Imagination Fully Dilated Volume II is the second volume of stories based on the art of Alan M. Clark.
Introduction by Paula Guran

Considered both an illustrated anthology and a literated portfolio, this 576 page book is full of the strange and wonderful, including 29 stories in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror as well as plenty of color plates of surreal artwork tipped in—30 pieces of art (24 color, 6 monochrome)—and page decorations.

It is signed by all contributors:

  • Michael A. Arnzen
  • Trey Barker
  • David Bischoff
  • Gary A. Braunbeck
  • Poppy Z. Brite
  • Denise Bruchman
  • P.D. Cacek
  • Ramsey Campbell
  • Hugh B. Cave
  • Richard T. Chizmar
  • Alan M. Clark
  • David Conover
  • Charles deLint
  • Mark Edwards
  • Elizabeth Engstrom
  • Randy Fox
  • Brian Hodge
  • Jack Ketchum
  • Christina Lay
  • Richard Laymon
  • Rusty Nixon
  • Tracy Nixon
  • Jerry Oltion
  • Susan Palmer
  • Bruce Holland Rogers
  • John Shirley
  • Allen Steele
  • Jeff VanderMeer
  • Ray Vukcevich
  • Chet Williamson
  • F. Paul Wilson

Limited to 600 signed (by all contributors) and numbered copies

Matched Numbered Set (set is #90)


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