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Header 3 Edward Lee - Ryan Harding

Limited Edition $40.00
Lettered - Image 1 $250.00
Lettered - Image 2 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 3 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 4 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 5 $250.00
Lettered - Image 6 $250.00
Lettered - Image 7 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 8 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 9 $250.00
Lettered - Image 10 $250.00
Lettered - Image 11 $250.00
Lettered - Image 12 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 13 $250.00
Lettered - Image 14 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 15 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 16 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 17 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 18 $250.00
Lettered - Image 19 $250.00
Lettered - Image 20 $250.00
Lettered - Image 21 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 22 $250.00
Lettered - Image 23 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 24 SOLD OUT
Lettered - Image 25 SOLD OUT

Artwork by Glenn Chadbourne

"Down here, we take care of our own..."

Three Manhattan rich boys looking for some kicks, a beautiful hill-girl trapped in a life of morbid prostitution, a backwoods town shrouded in a secret so demented that it beggars description.  What do these three things all have in common?


The myth is over a hundred years old, and the act more twisted, more perverse, and more utterly hideous than anything imaginable.  Rape, mutilation, and torture of the most abominable sort all seem meek by comparison...


Some things are worse than even the devil's work.  Far, far worse.


A novel of unspeakable evil.


EDWARD LEE is the author of almost fifty novels and numerous short stories and novellas (or is it novellae? Hmmm)  Several of his properties have been optioned for film, whileHeader was released on DVD in 2009; also, he has been published in Germany, England, Romania, Greece and Austria.  Recent releases include Bullet Through Your Face andBrain Cheese Buffet (story collections), Header 2, and the hardcore Lovecraftian books The Innswich Horror, Trolley No. 1852, Pages Torn From A Travel Journal, Going Monstering, and Haunter of the Threshold.  One of Lee's creative ambitions is to one day write an effective M.R. James pastiche.


RYAN HARDING is the author of Genital Grinder and the co-author of the upcoming novelReincarnage, as well as, a contributor to the multi-author collaboration Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road, all from Deadite Press.  His stories have also appeared in the anthologiesExcitable Boys and In Laymon's Terms, the chapbooks Partners in Chyme (with Edward Lee), A Darker Dawning and A Darker Dawning 2; Reign in Black, and the magazine'sSplatterpunk and The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction.

Limited to 374 signed and numbered copies

Lettered limited to 26 signed and lettered copies hand bound and includes an original piece of art (see below), more details to follow.

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