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Dark Currents * *

Limited Edition $35.00

Cover art by Ben Baldwin

A dazzling blend of science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy and horror: a set of stories that traverses genre boundaries, linked only by their common inspiration. Contributors were given just those two words: ‘Dark Currents’ and then asked to let their imaginations run wild… From haunted seascapes to distant starscapes, from reality-hopping soldiers to naval battles in the ether, from the deeply poignant to the breathlessly exciting… immerse yourself in deep Dark Currents.


  • 1. Introduction by Ian Whates
  • 2. The Fall of Lady Sealight – Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • 3. The Age of Entitlement – Adam Nevill
  • 4. Electrify Me – Tricia Sullivan
  • 5. Alternate Currents – Rod Rees
  • 6. The Barricade – Nina Allan
  • 7. Things that Are Here Now – Andrew Hook
  • 8. Loose Connections – Finn Clarke
  • 9. Sleepless in R’lyeh – Lavie Tidhar
  • 10. Damnation Seize my Soul – Jan Edwards
  • 11. Home – Emma Coleman
  • 12. A Change in the Weather – Rebecca J Payne
  • 13. Bells Ringing Under the Sea – Sophia McDougall
  • 14. In Tauris – Una McCormack
  • 15. Lost Sheep – Neil Williamson
  • 16. The Bleeding Man – Aliette de Bodard
  • 17. George – V.C. Linde

Limited to 100 signed (by all the authors) and numbered hardcover copies


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