Cult of Kill #2 cover

Dark Fuse

Cult of Kill #2 Patrick Kill

Limited Edition $30.00

Patrick Kill’s short fiction has garnered a cult following over the years. He continually writes within a world where there are no morals, but in a reality close to our own, but not quite. Not yet.

His stories combine dark (sometimes pitch-black) humor with horror elements and a brand of bizarre fiction that is uniquely his own.

There is nothing mainstream about these tales. At the surface, they may offend, repulse or even shock you, but if you look deeper, you’ll find a strange sense of meaning, a bizarre written art form made of grotesque thoughts, demented characters and just plain weird situations.

In his fiction, you will find a shattered mirror which ultimately reflects back on the gritty soul of humanity.

Volume 2 in the series features the following stories:

  • The Day Mr. Langford Cracked
  • Luster
  • Bitchslapped
  • Shady Acres Church of God
  • Demonica and the Dream House
  • The Hunter King *
  • Bethlehem: 9 Months B.C. *
  • The Giant Man
  • Blessed is He Who Trusts in the Lard *
  • Psychotica
  • * These stories appear in the hardcover edition only.

Limited to 66 signed and numbered mini-hardcover copies


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