Chamber of Chills, Volume 3: Harvey Horrors Collected Works cover

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Chamber of Chills, Volume 3: Harvey Horrors Collected Works * *

Trade Edition $50.00
Slipcased Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Forward by Les Edwards

A full colour collection of November 1952 - September 1953 issues 14-19

Tales of terror and suspense from this pre-code 1950’s classic title!

Harvey Horrors originally published 26 issues of the Chamber Of Chills in the 1950’s. Now for the first time they have been collected together in this exclusive 4 volume set.

Featuring a special introduction from Les Edwards and illustration by Les Edwards and profiles of some of the genre’s leading artists, such as Al Avison, Lee Elias, Bob Powell and Vic Donahue, plus examples of their original artwork.

Limited to 1674 Unsigned Copies

Limited to 300 slipcased copies with print signed by Les Edwards



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