Zero cover

Necessary Evil Press

Zero Michael McBride

Matching Limited Edition Set $42.00

Cover art by Caniglia
Introduction by Kealan Patrick Burke

The first book in Necessary Evil's novelette series

When Brian Niemand accepts a position as a research assistant in the theoretical physics department at the university, he has no idea that he’s about to become a part of one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. The implications are staggering, but such knowledge always comes at a price, and as Brian finds out, the cost is measured in lives.

Where did the project get its test subject, an amputated leg, and what’s inside Brian’s house that stalks him at night? The answers are buried where only he can exhume them, but when he finds himself surrounded by a series of brutal slayings, he learns that before he can take the first step to saving his own life, he must go back to Zero.

Limited to 275 softcovers signed and numbered by Michael McBride and SOLD OUT at the publishers

PLEASE NOTE: We are not selling this by itself, but as a matched numbered set that contains:
Zero by Michael McBride (sold out at the publishers)
The Familiar Stranger by Brett McBean (sold out at the publishers)
Placeholders by John R. Little (sold out at the publishers)


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