Zeppelins West cover

Camelot Books and Gifts, Inc.
Subterranean Press

Zeppelins West Joe Lansdale

Deluxe Limited $95.00
Deluxe Limited Edition Book #1 of 350 $150.00
Artist's State - Lettered $1,000.00

A tribute to such works as Richard Brautigan's Hawkline Monster, and Philip Jose Farmer's wackier novels, like The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, Zeppelin's West is a wild parody of Westerns, Alternate Universe novels, classic science fiction and horror, comic books, pulps, and dime novels.

A Lansdalean holiday into weirdness and camp, this is a special confection from one of today's most original, multi-award winning writers.

The Wild West Show travels by Zeppelin to perform before a Shogun, soon to be emperor of Japan, only to discover the Frankenstein monster is being whittled down slowly and ground into aphrodisiacs by the would-be ruler. Buffalo Bill, who, due to a recent accident, exists only as a battery powered head in a jar of liquid manufactured from the best that modern science and pig urine has to offer, along with Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, Sitting Bull, and a cast of historical as well as literary characters, rescue the monster, only to be shot down over the Pacific, where they are saved from sharks by Captain Nemo and his intellectual seal, Ned.

And then things get weird.

Limited: This signed first edition is limited to 1500 copies.

Deluxe Limited: Signed numbered: Only 350 numbered copies, signed by Joe R. Lansdale and Mark A. Nelson. Will include everything in the trade edition, and more. Bound in premium cloth, slipcased, an exclusive afterword, a full color signature page, plus the original comic book proposal by Lansdale and preliminary sketches by Nelson.

Lettered Artist State:

This state of Zeppelins West was bound at the direction of Camelot Books, in cooperation with the Publisher, Subterranean Press, the Author and the Artist.

Our goal in this project was to create a very limited unique state of this book and we think we have accomplished that. The book was not meant to be put on a shelf, but rather to be displayed on an easel or on a table.

The two books in the traycase each contain a unique signature page and piece of art unique to this edition.
The signature page on the first book, the text of the story, is hand colored by the artist and is truly one of a kind.
The second book contains the afterword and comic book proposal.
The artwork matted into the traycase is a piece of the original art from the publication and is one of a kind.

There were 13 copies of this edition produced, lettered A through M, along with one binding copy (marked as such), which does not contain original art.
This is Letter M



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