You Come When I Call cover

Cemetery Dance

You Come When I Call Douglas Clegg

PC of Lettered State $150.00
Lettered Edition $175.00

The high desert town of Palmetto, California, has turned toxic after twenty years of nightmares -- In Los Angeles, a woman is tormented by visions from a horrifying past, and a man steps into a house of torture -- On the steps of a church called The Sacrament of the Sacred Heart, a young woman has been sacrificed in a ritual of darkness -- In New York, a cab driver dreams awake of the territory of demons -- And an old friend who calls himself the Desolation Angel has returned to draw them back to their hometown...

Where, two decades earlier, three boys committed the most brutal of rituals, an act of such intense savagery that it has ripped apart their minds -- Where an entire town burned against a scarlet sunset -- And where, in a cavern in a place called No Man's Land, something has been waiting a long time for those who stole something more precious than life itself.

PC of the lettered state - as new in traycase

Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 signed and lettered copies


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