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Walking With Ghosts Brian James Freeman

Trade Edition SOLD OUT
Slipcased Limited Edition $75.00

Cover Endpapers ArtP  Vincent Chong
Introduction:  Willam Peter Blatty

"Freeman's prose is clean and lovely, painting the canvas of the printed page so unobtrusively yet with such pronounced effect. His writing will leave you both chilled and deeply moved."

And he’s right. Brian's first full-length collection, features twenty-nine unforgettable tales including several that are seeing print for the very first time. Intense, eerie, and compelling, the pages within contain characters and creations that will leave a haunting impression on the reader long after the final page is turned.


  • Introduction by William Peter Blatty
  • Foreword by Brian James Freeman

​​​​Part One: Weak and Wounded

  • Running Rain
  • Mama's Sleeping
  • An Instant Eternity
  • Where Sunlight Sleeps
  • Marking the Passage of Time
  • Walking With the Ghosts of Pier 13
  • A Mother's Love

Part Two: More Than Midnight

  • Pop-Pop
  • Answering the Call
  • The Final Lesson
  • Loving Roger
  • Among Us
  • Not Without Regrets
  • What They Left Behind

Part Three: Dreamlike States

  • The Temperament of an Artist
  • The Gorman Gig
  • One Way Flight
  • Monster Night
  • Tomorrow Could Be Even Better
  • One More Day
  • The Christmas Spirit
  • Silent Attic (Amy Walker)
  • Danny Dreams (Daniel Walker)

Part Four: Lost and Lonely

  • Ice Cold Dan the Ice Cream Man
  • Losing Everything Defines You
  • As She Lay There Dying
  • How the Wind Lies
  • Perfect Little Snowflakes
  • The Plague of Sadness
  • The Last Beautiful Day

Story Notes

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover

Limited to 100 Jacketed Hardcovers in an Illustrated slipcase, signed by Brian James Freeman & Vincent Chong



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