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Lettered Edition $49.00

A superb and terrifying journey into the head of a schizophrenic as he battles myriad personalities all fighting to escape the internal prison he has hidden them away in. A brutal, extreme horror novel of taut suspense that will have you racing through the pages to find out which personality will rise to the top and begin its slaughter in the real world.

Led by the base Person, known as The Counselor, Eddie constantly teeters back and forth between self-discovery and self-destruction, for the past ten years being able to subdue his more wicked incarnations and live a life of peace and non-violence in his hometown of Brenton, Pennsylvania.

However, things are not always what they seem, and The Counselor realizes she had been fooling herself this entire time, as one by one the Persons of Eddie’s Upper End are being killed off and replaced by the sadistic undesirables from the Lower End. In a frantic race against time, can The Counselor find the means to save herself and the unsuspecting victims on the Outside, or will she discover a secret much more gruesome and terrifying: That sometimes, “all it takes is a lil’ poison to ruin the whole pot”?

Lettered: limited to 26 lettered and signed copies


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