Scares That Care HEADER Special cover

Scares That Care HEADER Special Edward Lee

Header 2 and Header 3 Scares That Care Special $50.00

Updated 5/3/2018


Because of your help we were able to meet our goal and able to raise $650.00 for Michelle Piccirilli, thank you.  Now to help another charity dear to Brian's heart, we are teaming up with Brian to try to raise some money for Scares That Care.  We are offering a set of signed limited editions by Edward Lee, Header 2, published at $50.00 and Header 3, published at $40.00 for $50.00!

That's right two hardcover signed limited edition Edward Lee books for the price of one, $50.00, and here is the kicker, we'll donate $20.00 from every set sold to Scares That Care.  We have set aside 100 sets for this endeavour so we are looking foward to reaching a $2000 donation for this good cause.

Header 2 

Cover Art and Interior Illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne

"What's a header?"

Fifteen years ago, Travis Clyde Tuckton asked that self-same question to his ancient grandfather, and the answer came in a rampage of twisted bloodlust, missing persons, and the most macabre and indescribable act of vengeance that human consciousness has ever devised...

Now, in those same desolate woods, amongst dilapidated shacks behind whose rickety doors no one dare look, something even worse has come to curse the land of simple folk, a jubilee of murderous perversity and sexual abomination too hideous to describe. Only the courage of Travis Tuckton could ever begin to set things back to rights but, lo, Travis and his grandfather are long dead....

Ah, but their relatives aren't! And it will be these stout-hearted men who shall rise to the occasion of the most horrific revenge in the history of the backwoods -- an eye for an eye, a head for a head! Not even unearthed graves, molested corpses, abducted tots, and an unspeakable human monstrosity can thwart the might of right. Join steadfast hayseeds Helton, Dumar, and Micky-Mack as they venture forth into a wretched mire of unadulterated horror, where the symbol of ultimate evil is not a psycho-killer, nor a demon, but the full-tilt rev of power tools screaming through the endless night.....


Where revenge is all in the mind.

Limited to 500 signed and numbered hardcover copies with over 25 interior illustrations

Header 3 by Edward Lee and Ryan Harding

Artwork by Glenn Chadbourne

"Down here, we take care of our own..."

Three Manhattan rich boys looking for some kicks, a beautiful hill-girl trapped in a life of morbid prostitution, a backwoods town shrouded in a secret so demented that it beggars description.  What do these three things all have in common?


The myth is over a hundred years old, and the act more twisted, more perverse, and more utterly hideous than anything imaginable.  Rape, mutilation, and torture of the most abominable sort all seem meek by comparison...


Some things are worse than even the devil's work.  Far, far worse.


A novel of unspeakable evil.

Limited to 374 signed and numbered copies with 26 illutrations


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