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Through the Storm cover

PS Publishing

Through the Storm Rosalie Parker

Trade Edition $40.00
Limited Edition $50.00

COVER ART R.B. Russell 

“Parker shows considerable skill at creating dramatic tension and moods of menace that will appeal to fans ofsubtly told tales of the macabre.”

Ghosts, shamans, aliens, angels and the weirdness of life all make their appearance in this new collection of Rosalie Parker’s strange tales. Her stories depict subtly shifting realities, and celebrate the fluidity of the barrier between the uncanny and the everyday. These twenty-five stories vary from contes to longer pieces, and explore the traditions of the weird tale in fresh and original ways.

Rosalie Parker’s previous collections of short stories are The Old Knowledge, Damage and Sparks from the Fire. ‘In the Garden’ was selected for Best New Horror #21, and ‘Random Flight’ for Best British Horror 2015.

She runs the independent UK publisher Tartarus Press with R.B. Russell, and lives in Coverdale, North Yorkshire.

Unsigned hardcover

Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies


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