The Pale Illuminations cover

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The Pale Illuminations Peter Bell - Mark Valentine - - Reggie Oliver - Derek John

Limited Edition SOLD OUT
Wrap Dust-Jacket Art by Paul Lowe
Sarob Press is delighted to announce the publication of “THE PALE ILLUMINATIONS” ~ four all new darkly supernatural stories and novellas (each imbued with a sense of the mystery and the legends of landscape and place) by PETER BELL, MARK VALENTINE, REGGIE OLIVER and DEREK JOHN.
“Labyrinth” by Peter Bell ... set mostly in the 1960s this is a story of ancient well worship in the Peak District, and the cult of Proserpina in Roman Britain.
“A Chess Game at Michaelmas” by Mark Valentine ... a tale set in south-west England, and of strange customs and age-old ritual, a secret game, and a dark shadowy visitor.
“The Old Man of the Woods” by Reggie Oliver ... a new home in rural France, legends of the misty past, and a weird haunting story of the dark and deeply sinister woods.
“Cropmarks” by Derek John ... an Irish setting for a modern tale of witchcraft, dark ceremonies, a centuries-old place of worship, strange discoveries and a malevolent curse.
Limited Specification: 
  • Hand Numbered Jacketed Hardcover
  • Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style)
  • Foil Blocked to Spine
  • Lithographically Printed on Quality 80gsm Cream Bookwove
  • Coloured Endpapers
  • Section Sewn Binding
  • Head/Tailbands


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