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The New Inn Hall Deception: Tales of Mystery and Fear cover

Tartarus Press

The New Inn Hall Deception: Tales of Mystery and Fear John Gaskin

Limited Edition $45.00

The five stories of The New Inn Hall Deception explore the threatening and unexplained at the edge of experience.

In the long title story, venial misdemeanours in an Oxford college and a Fenland church open the gates of guilt and death. The four shorter tales continue the theme: a schoolboy hate is rekindled with terrible consequences on the South Downs; a singular bequest exerts its own form of malevolence; an antiquary takes precautions against that which comes after him; and there is an ambiguous encounter in the twilight of a forgotten place.

The New Inn Hall Deception follows John Gaskin’s three previous collections of ‘Tales of Twilight and Borderlands’, augmenting the author’s reputation as   a master of atmospheric, disturbing fiction.


  • Preface
  • The New Inn Hall Deception
  • Near Berwick
  • Conditions
  • Faces in a Garden
  • Deadwater
  • Sources

Limited to 380 signed copies


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