The Human Division cover

Subterranean Press

The Human Division John Scalzi

Limited Edition $80.00

Dust jacket illustration by Vincent Chong
Interior full-color portfolio by John Harris.

The Colonial Union stands on the precipice of chaos. Newly estranged from the Earth, the source of its soldiers and colonists, humanity’s union of planets is increasingly vulnerable to the alien species that it has warred with for centuries... and increasingly suspicious of The Conclave, a new confederation of alien worlds that many in the Colonial Union believe signals the end of human freedom in the galaxy.

Pressed to change in these times of decreasing resources and dwindling option, the Colonial Union tries a new strategy: Diplomacy. It is reaching out to species that in other times they might have fought. But even as the Colonial Union moves toward peace, it becomes increasingly clear that some would prefer other, more dangerous paths... paths that could lead to the extinction of the human race. Diplomats, soldiers, colonists and aliens alike are caught up in a grand game, where not all the players are seen, nor all their motivations obvious.

John Scalzi returns to the best-selling, Hugo-nominated “Old Man’s War” universe, with thirteen tales which taken together create a novel of intrigue and action, and push human and alien alike to the breaking point. 

As many of you know, The Human Division was originally published as thirteen separate ebook installments, each with a wraparound John Harris illustration. For the first time ever in print, these gorgeous pieces are included as a full-color portfolio in this edition.

Limited: 500 signed numbered hardcover copies


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