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The Disciples of Apollo Eric Brown

Trade Edition of The Disciples of Apollo $33.00
Slipcased Limited Edition Set of Signed Disciples of Apollo and unsigned copy of Ice Garden $80.00

Cover Art:  Ben Baldwin

THE DISCIPLES OF APOLLO collects Eric Brown’s finest short fiction, from the contemporary title story, in which the victims of a terrible malaise retreat to a sequestered island to see out their final months, to the far future of Dark Calvary, set on the dying world of Tartarus Major whose sun is about to go nova. Whether set is space of the future, or Earth of the here and now, Brown’s stories are imbued with a passionate concern for the human condition and the need to deliver compelling narratives. ‘The Children of Winter’ and ‘Hunting the Slarque’ won the BSFA Award for the best short story of 1999 and 2001 respectively, while ‘Zarla’s World” is original to the collection.

Here’s the complete line-up

  • Introduction  by Eric Brown
  • The Time-Lapsed Man   
  • The Disciples of Apollo
  • The Death of Cassandra Quebec 
  • Hunting the Slarque   
  • Dark Calvary 
  • Steps Along the Way   
  • The Miracle at Kallithéa   
  • The Children of Winter   
  • The Kéthani Inheritance   
  • Ulla, Ulla   
  • Thursday’s Child   
  • Life Beyond   
  • Salvage Rites   
  • Laying the Ghost 
  • Zarla’s World 

Unsigned hardcover

Slipcased Set of:

  • Signed and numbered (limited to 100) copies of The Disciples of Apollo
  • Unsigned copy of Ice Garden and Other Stories


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