“The Companion” and “The Retrospective” & Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell cover

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“The Companion” and “The Retrospective” & Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell Ramsey Campbell

Trade Edition Unsigned Set of both Volumes $70.00
Slipcased Limited Edition - The Companion $70.00

Volume I: The Companion and Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell

Cover, Endpapers and All Interior Art:  James Hannah

Punters, salutations! Please start here if you like, or possibly sample a tale or two. You’ll be perfectly safe. Presenting sixty years’ worth of my published shorts, a personal selection, was Pete’s suggestion—Pete Crowther, I mean, the man behind PS.


  • The Companion,The Render of the Veils,
  • The Cellar, The Scar, The Guy, Call First, Napier Court,
  • The End of a Summer’s Day, The Words that Count, In the Bag,
  • The Invocation, The Man in the Underpass, Baby, The Pattern,
  • The Chimney, The Change, The Brood, Mackintosh Willy, Above the World ,
  • The Show Goes On, The Ferries, The Depths, Down There,
  • Calling Card, The Fit, The Hands, Second Sight,
  • Again Just Waiting, Seeing the World, Apples,
  • Where the Heart Is, The Guide, Welcomeland

Volume II: The Retrospective and Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell


Introduction: Part Secundus; Meeting the Author; The Alternative; A Street was Chosen;  The Same in Any Language;  Where They Lived; The Word; The Dead Must Die;  Going Under; Never to be Heard; The Entertainment; No Strings; No Story in it; The Retrospective;  Feeling Remains; The Place of Revelation; The Decorations; Just Behind You; Skeleton Woods; Digging Deep;  Respects;  Passing Through Peacehaven; The Long Way;    The Moons;  The Room Beyond; The Rounds;  With the Angels;  Holding the Light; Getting it Wrong; At Lorn Hall;  The Callers;  Reading the Signs;   The Wrong Game

Unsigned hardcover

Slipcased Limited Edition limited to 100 signed, by contributors, and slipcased copies (As of July 2, 2020, the limited Retrospective is not in yet, but we will put you down for a matching number copy and contact you when they arrive to see if you wish to purchase it.)


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