“The Companion” and “The Retrospective” & Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell cover

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“The Companion” and “The Retrospective” & Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell Ramsey Campbell

Trade Edition Unsigned Set of both Volumes $70.00
Slipcased Limited Edition - Set of 2 $200.00

Volume I: The Companion and Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell

Cover, Endpapers and All Interior Art:  James Hannah

Punters, salutations! Please start here if you like, or possibly sample a tale or two. You’ll be perfectly safe. Presenting sixty years’ worth of my published shorts, a personal selection, was Pete’s suggestion—Pete Crowther, I mean, the man behind PS.


  • The Companion,The Render of the Veils,
  • The Cellar, The Scar, The Guy, Call First, Napier Court,
  • The End of a Summer’s Day, The Words that Count, In the Bag,
  • The Invocation, The Man in the Underpass, Baby, The Pattern,
  • The Chimney, The Change, The Brood, Mackintosh Willy, Above the World ,
  • The Show Goes On, The Ferries, The Depths, Down There,
  • Calling Card, The Fit, The Hands, Second Sight,
  • Again Just Waiting, Seeing the World, Apples,
  • Where the Heart Is, The Guide, Welcomeland

Volume II: The Retrospective and Other Phantasmagorical Stories by Ramsey Campbell


Introduction: Part Secundus; Meeting the Author; The Alternative; A Street was Chosen;  The Same in Any Language;  Where They Lived; The Word; The Dead Must Die;  Going Under; Never to be Heard; The Entertainment; No Strings; No Story in it; The Retrospective;  Feeling Remains; The Place of Revelation; The Decorations; Just Behind You; Skeleton Woods; Digging Deep;  Respects;  Passing Through Peacehaven; The Long Way;    The Moons;  The Room Beyond; The Rounds;  With the Angels;  Holding the Light; Getting it Wrong; At Lorn Hall;  The Callers;  Reading the Signs;   The Wrong Game

Unsigned hardcover

Slipcased Limited Edition limited to 100 signed, by contributors, and slipcased copies 


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