Tales From the Spired Inn cover

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Tales From the Spired Inn Stephen Palmer

Limited Edition $30.00

Cover Artist: Stephen Palmer

At the end of days stands Kray, a coastal city surrounded by and then invaded by rampant vegetation, where the last humans on Earth struggle to survive in the face of nature striking back.

Stephen Palmer first took us to Kray in his novels Memory Seed and Glass (both from Orbit), introducing us to the mesmerising world of humanity’s twilight years, where AI has run its course, rampant mutated vegetation has reclaimed the globe, and humanity has turned inwards.

A long standing fan of Kray, in 2018 I asked the author whether he had ever considered revisiting the wistful, doomed city. The result was two brand new tales, centring, as does this whole collection, on the Spired Inn, an establishment that sits at the heart of the city and provides a focal point for Kray’s fractured populace.

Welcome to humanity’s final days…


  • Introduction by Stephen Palmer
  • Dr Vanchovy’s Final Case
  • Funeral for a Pyuter
  • Granny
  • First Temple
  • Memory Seed
  • The Green Realm Below
  • About the Author

Signed limited hardcover


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