Tales From the Shadow Side cover

Thunderstorm Books

Tales From the Shadow Side Jonathan Janz

Limited Edition $60.00

Nightmare Alley #11

A meek man enters a spooky theater for all-night horror movie triple bill. An unscrupulous contractor messes with the wrong family. A single mother discovers a bizarre link between her son and an unspeakable Lovecraftian horror. A con artist posing as an outcast from an Amish church gets more than he bargained for in the Indiana forest. And a college professor eager to make money by solving a decades-old cannibal atrocity learns the true meaning of terror in the Great Smoky Mountains.

In this collection of rarely-collected nightmares, you’ll find tales of suspense, dread, and madness.

It’s time to take a journey to Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side.

Limited to 40 signed and numbered copies


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