Stories of Your Life and Others cover

Subterranean Press

Stories of Your Life and Others Ted Chiang

Limited Edition $275.00
Lettered Edition SOLD OUT

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Jacob McMurray

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the signed limited edition of Ted Chiang’s landmark collection, Stories of Your Life and Others.

A woman learns an alien language that enables her to see her future.  A man endures the death of his wife at an angel's hands, but must learn to love God in order to be reunited with her in the afterlife.  Students on a college campus make a political statement by disabling their ability to recognize beauty.  Combining scientific curiosity and narrative intricacy, Ted Chiang's award-winning collection explores the boundaries between reason and faith, between determinism and our ability to choose, between words and the concepts we try to describe with them.

Their edition will be oversize, printed in two colors throughout, with a die cut dust jacket (their first ever!), featuring a wonderful design and interior artwork for each story by Jacob McMurray.

Table of Contents:

  • Tower of Babylon
  • Understand
  • Division by Zero
  • Story of Your Life
  • Seventy-Two Letters
  • The Evolution of Human Science
  • Hell Is the Absense of God
  • Liking What You See
  • Story Notes
  • Acknowledgments

Limited: 300 signed numbered hardcover copies and sold out pre-publication

Lettered: 26 signed, specially bound in white leather housed in a custom traycase


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