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Steampunk International edited by Ian Whates

Limited Edition $50.00

An anthology showcasing the very best steampunk stories from three different countries released by three different publishers in three different languages.

From the UK, George Mann (a new Newbury & Hobbes tale), Jonathan Green (a new Pax Brittania tale), and Derry O’Dowd; from Finland, Magdalena Hai (winner of the Atorox Award and the Finnish Literary Export Prize), multiple award-winning Anne Leinonen, and J.S. Meresmaa (whose work has been shortlisted for  the Anni Polva, Kuvastaja, and Atorox Awards); and from Portugal, Anton Stark, Diana Pinguicha, and Pedro Cipriano (winner of Fórum Fantástico's Choice of the Year Award).


  • Introduction by Ian Whates
  • Steampunk UK
  • Seasons of Wither – George Mann
  • Reckless Engineering – Jonathan Green
  • The Athenian Dinner Party – Derry O’Dowd
  • Steampunk Finland
  • Foreword by J.S. Meresmaa
  • The Winged Man Isaac – Magdalena Hai
  • The Cylinder Hat – Anne Leinonen
  • Augustine – J.S. Meresmaa
  • Steampunk Portugal
  • Foreword by Pedro Cipriano
  • Videri Quam Esse – Anton Stark
  • The Desert Spider – Pedro Cipriano
  • Heart of Stone – Diana Pinguicha 

Limited edition hardback, signed by the UK authors, 


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