Stalking the Nightmare cover

Phantasia Press

Stalking the Nightmare Harlan Ellison

Lettered Edition SOLD OUT

Forward by Stephen King

The Book is bound in full black Oasis Morocco (Goat skin) with a gold-stamped design of the white rabbit (with Ellison's face) from Alice In Wonderland on the front cover. 

The book is contained in a Grimoire box which is cast in a synthetic resin called Uncast Three and made from original linden wood carvings by Steve Kirk.  It was then hand-finished with intentional irregularities in surface and finish to produce a stressed antique appearance. 

The carvings on the box are meant to represent scenes from the stories in the book. 

The box is lined in black Siloma quilted velvet with antiqued brass fittings, lock and hasp. 

Originally, two keys were meant to accompany the box; however, keys are not included for this item. 

The box is signed by both the author and the sculptor via an affixed brass plate inside the box's lid and measures approximately 7-1/2 by 11 inches. 

There was no dust jacket issued for this item.

Lettered limited to 40 copies of which this is letter GG (additional photos below)


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