Soul Chasers: The Decomposition Comedy cover

NewCon Press

Soul Chasers: The Decomposition Comedy Rachel Armstrong

Limited Edition $35.00

Cover Artist: Ian Whates

Death, but not as we know it...

For Winnie, death comes swiftly, when a sinkhole opens beneath her home. As her body decomposes and its components mingle with the earth, her spirit is taken on a journey around the globe, encountering fellow ‘travellers’ from different times and different cultures.

Jennifer is a brilliant student, with knowledge and insight beyond her years, but the voices in her head say otherwise, telling her that she is useless and the world would be a better place without her...

Two very different deaths, with a novice Soul Catcher determined to rescue both their souls before they are lost forever.

A remarkable novel that takes the reader on a journey beyond life itself, exploring the fate that awaits us all with humour, imagination, compassion, and a sprinkle or two of wonder.

Songs for the Ecocene: three stand-alone novels (Origamy, Invisible Ecologies) that combine to form one cycle, a triptych that explores themes such as love, survival, and co-existence, with environment as a key factor.This is the third entry in Professor Rachel Armstrong's extraordinary cycle; three songs, each complete in themselves, which combine to form a harmonious whole.

Signed Limited hardcover


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