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Songs of the Dark cover

Subterranean Press

Songs of the Dark Anthony Ryan

Limited Edition $125.00

Dust jacket illustration by Kevin Zamir Goeke
Interior illustrations by Anthony Ryan.

Note: As this is in the Raven's Shadow Universe, this will be treated as a new series and those that get on board with this title will have first right of refusal with us for their matching number should Subterranean Press publish any other titles in this series.  This series is being treated separate to The Seven Swords Series (A Pilgrimage of Swords and the recently published Kraken's Tooth)

Subterranean Press is thrilled to announce an oversized collection of Anthony Ryan's Raven's Shadow novellas, including a new introduction and black-and-white interior illustrations by the author.

“Heard whispers of the Dark all my life. It’s a strange feeling when a whisper becomes a shout.” 

Songs of the Dark collects all four novellas from the world of Anthony Ryan’s internationally best-selling Raven’s Shadow trilogy.

Centuries before the rise of the Unified Realm, the final battle looms between the city-state of Kethia and the Volarian Empire. As told by Imperial Chronicler Lord Verniers, this terrible event is shrouded in many secrets and, some say, wrought by servants of the Dark.

When word reaches the north of a fresh outbreak of the dreaded Red Hand, Brother Sollis, the finest swordsman in the Sixth Order, leads a small band to a long-abandoned castle in search of a potential cure but discovers a far greater threat lurking in the mountains.

A quest for bloody vengeance forces Derla, a skilled and deadly veteran of the Varinshold underworld, into the service of the arch schemer King Janus.

Veteran Realm Guard Jerhid, newly appointed Lord Collector of the King’s Excise, finds himself battling ruthless smuggler gangs and worse on the wild southern shore of the Unified Realm. 

Four compelling tales of mystery, magic, intrigue, and battle presented in one volume for the first time—featuring all-new introductions and black-and-white interior illustrations by the author.   

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • A Duel of Evils
  • Many Are the Dead
  • The Lady of Crows
  • The Lord Collector

Limited: 400 signed numbered hardcover copies


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