Shopocalypse cover

NewCon Press

Shopocalypse David Gullen

Limited Edition $40.00

Cover art by Ben Baldwin 

Take from the Rich to Shop for the Poor! 

A Bonnie and Clyde for the Trump Era. 
Josie and Novik embark on the ultimate roadtrip. In a near-future re-sculpted politically and geographically by climate change, they blaze a trail across the shopping malls of America in a printed intelligent car (stolen by accident), with a hundred and ninety million LSDcontaminated dollars in the trunk. Pursued by vengeful drug cartels on one side and the agents of corrupt authority on the other, they set out to bring down the system, buying shoes and cameras to change the world. 
Meanwhile, President Guinevere Snarlow determines to make America great again. She embarks on an ambitious but perilous campaign, invading Mexico on a pretext and plotting to assassinate the richest man the world has ever known… 
Cover art by Ben Baldwin 
“Packed with bold ideas and genre-shattering extrapolations. And the characters get so deep inside your head you’re still arguing with them days later. Seriously, you need this book.” – Mike Carey, BAFTA nominated author of The Girl with All the Gifts  

Limited to 50 signed hardcover copies


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