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Powers and Presences cover

Sarob Press

Powers and Presences John Howard - - Mark Valentine

Limited Edition $60.00

Artist Paul Lowe provides the rather wonderful wrap jacket painting and a black and white title page illustration

Charles Walter Stansby Williams (1886-1945) wrote seven mystical/supernatural novels between 1930 (War in Heaven) and 1945 (All Hallows’ Eve). He was also a poet and theological writer, and a member of The Inklings, the Oxford-based group of literary titans that included, amongst others, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

In this all new shared volume, John Howard and Mark Valentine pay affectionate tribute to Williams’ writings with a long novella, “The Dance of Gold” by John and two novelettes, “Kraken Tide” and “Seek for the Pomegranate” by Mark. Both authors have also provided illuminating afterwords to their stories. 

In “The Dance of Gold” the rector of a rural parish discovers the secret of a legendary coin and the enormous responsibilities of becoming, even temporarily, its guardian.

In “Kraken Tide” a vast storm flooding the Lincolnshire coast coincides with the activities of a mysterious black magician and, possibly, the secrets of the Templars.

In “Seek for the Pomegranate” an unusual and weird Roman talisman leads two young scholars into a mystical adventure and the Orphic Mysteries. 

Limited edition specifications:

  • Deluxe Hand Numbered
  • Jacketed Hardcover.
  • Lithographically Printed
  • Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style)
  • Foil Blocked to Spine
  • Quality 80gsm Munken Cream Bookwove
  • Coloured Endpapers
  • Section Sewn binding
  • Gold Ribbon Marker Head/Tailbands


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