Petals and Violins cover

Tartarus Press

Petals and Violins D. P. Watt

Limited Edition $50.00

Illustration ‘Sulfur III’ by Marcela Bolívar
Introduction  by Peter Holman
Afterword by Helen Marshall

Fifteen Unsettling Tales

D.P. Watt’s unsettling tales draw back the curtain on other realities, hidden just beyond our own; shifting pasts and futures are conjured through the mystery of old postcards and the beckoning lights of distant windows; the horrors of the twentieth century erupt through the absurd experimentation of the theatrical avant-garde; a young woman’s tragedy is witnessed through the eyes of a discarded doll; a taxidermist’s craft reaches a monstrous apotheosis; grief renders families distant and lost, ushering in unwelcome ghosts and visions; folk magic preserves the fleeting events of dreams and memories, whilst promising glimpses of heaven or hell.


  • 'The Sanity of Madness: An Introduction to D.P.Watt' by Peter Holman
  • 'Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes'
  • 'The Magician, or, Crab Lines'
  • 'But They Withered All'
  • 'Mizpah'
  • 'We Don’t Want for Company'
  • 'Ophelia'
  • 'Doreen'
  • 'Conflagration'
  • 'Oh, Pretty Polly!'
  • 'The Rocking Horse'
  • 'The Pedagogue, or, They Muttered'
  • 'Our Second Home'
  • 'A Species of the Dead'
  • 'Golden in the Mercy of His Means'
  • 'Four Windows and a Door'
  • 'Afterword' by Helen Marshall
  • Publication History
  • Acknowledgements

Limited to 300 signed copies


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