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Paranoia Tango Ray Garton

Limited Edition $45.00
Lettered Edition $75.00

Cover & interior art by Vincent Sammy
Afterword by Ray Garton

Some claim we are living in the “last days.” Some believe that extraterrestrials have been controlling world events for ages and now, having grown weary of us, are hitting the reset button. Others suspect that a sinister cabal has somehow wrested control from the hands of all the world powers and are steering us toward doom. The only thing everyone agrees on is this:

Something is not right. Something seems to be sucking the hope out of the world.

Hector Graham sees it in the gradual death of his hometown, Seabreeze, where he was born and grew up, where he married and raised a son. He sees it in the arrival at night of strange children who go door to door, demanding to be let inside. For some, the children bear gifts . . . but they come with a terrible price.

Jeff Duggins sees it in the sudden disappearance of an online friend known as Lizard Man. Jeff and his friend Darryl take a road trip to Sacramento to check up on Lizard Man and make sure he’s okay. They are concerned because he’s been making some strange claims about a pet iguana that has grown to enormous size and started to talk . . . and say some scary things.

Ray Garton brings his unique brand of fear to these two novelettes of modern dread in the digital age . . . a time when nothing is as it seems and everyone has a theory about what’s really going on.

The music has begun. It’s time to dance the . . . PARANOIA TANGO.


  • The Last Days of Seabreeze
  • Lizard Man Dispatches
  • Afterword by Ray Garton

Limited Hardcover Edition Specifications:

  •  Signed by author Ray Garton
  •  Limited to only 250 copies worldwide
  •  Each copy is numbered by hand
  •  Four-colour laminated dust jacket
  •  Printed on acid-free paper
  •  Features a new Afterword by the author

Lettered Hardcover Edition Specifications

  • Signed by author Ray Garton
  • Original remarque by artist Glenn Chadbourne making each copy unique
  • Limited to only 52 copies worldwide
  • Each copy is lettered by hand
  • Four-colour laminated dust jacket
  • Printed on acid-free paper
  • Features a new Afterword by the author


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