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Origamy Rachel Armstrong

Limited Edition $45.00

Origamy (verb). The artful and athletic practice of weaving spacetime fabrics to discover outlandish places and events.

Something that emerged from among the folded spaces between linen sheets, it results in the compulsion to relentlessly explore and push at the limits of existence, by creatively transcending the conventions of spacetime.

Origamer (noun). One who explores various dimensions of existence and encounters different life forms by applying a range of practices to travel through spacetime. Players are required to continually adapt to ever changing circumstances, experience breathtaking spectacles and to bring back stories from throughout the cosmos.

Mobius knows she isn’t a novice weaver, but it seems she must re-learn the art of manipulating spacetime all over again. Encouraged by her parents, Newton and Shelley, she starts to experiment, and is soon traveling far and wide across the galaxy, encountering a dazzling array of bizarre cultures and races along the way. Yet all is not well, and it soon becomes clear that a dark menace is gathering, one that could threaten the very fabric of time and space and will require all weavers to unite if the universe is to stand any chance of surviving.

Rachel Armstrong’s stunning debut novel rewrites the rules of science fiction and may just rewrite how you view the world.

Limited to 100 signed and numbered hardcover copies


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