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Once Upon a Parsec (edited by) David Gullen

Limited Edition $40.00

Have you ever wondered what the fairy tales of alien cultures are like? For hundreds of years scholars and writers have collected and retold folk and fairy stories from around our world. They are not alone. On distant planets alien chroniclers have done the same. For just as our world is steeped in legends and half-remembered truths of the mystic and the magical, so are theirs. 

Now, for the first time, we can share some of these tales with you…


  • Introduction – David Gullen
  • The Little People –  Una McCormack
  • Lost in the Rewilding –  Paul Di Filippo
  • Goblin Autumn –  Adrian Tchaikovksy
  • Myths of Sisyphus – Allen Ashley
  • The Land of Grunts and Squeaks –  Chris Beckett
  • The Blood Rose –  Susan Oke
  • Starfish –  Liz Williams
  • The Raveller’s Tale –  Neil Williamson
  • The Tiny Traveller –  Aliya Whiteley
  • The Tale of Suyenye the Wise, the Ay, and the People of the Shining Land –  Gaie Sebold
  • Wanderlust –  Kim Lakin-Smith
  • Pale Sister –  Jaine Fenn
  • Alpha42 and the Space Hermits –  Stephen Oram
  • The Teller and the Starborn –  Peter Sutton
  • The Winternet –  Ian Whates
  • The Awakening –  Bryony Pearce
  • About the Authors

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Limited to 75 signed (by the editor) hardcover copies


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