Legends 3: Stories in Honour of David Gemmell cover

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Legends 3: Stories in Honour of David Gemmell (edited by) Ian Whates

Limited Edition SOLD OUT

Cover Artist: Dominic Harman

David Gemmell passed away in 2006, leaving behind a legacy of memorable characters, epic settings, and thrilling tales. In the Legends anthologies, today's finest fantasy authors pay homage to one of fantasy fiction's greatest ever writers. Full of swordplay, treachery, deeds both dark and noble, with cunning thieves and wily tricksters, blood-thirsty gods and flawed heroes - welcome to Legends.  


  • Introduction by Stan Nicholls
  • Blood Debt – Gail Z. Martin
  • A God’s Mercy – Richard Webb
  • Berserker Captain – Neal Asher
  • The Price of Passage – Keris McDonald
  • Summoner – Danie Ware
  • Pelicos the Brave and the Princess of Kalakhadze – Steven Poore
  • The Timekeeper’s Tarot – Den Patrick
  • Her Grail – Ben North
  • Piercing the Mist – Shona Kinsella
  • Chosen of the Slain – K.T. Davies
  • The Dying Land – Nick Watkinson
  • A Hero of Her People – Anna Smith Spark
  • All Deaths Well Intention’d – RJ Barker
  • By Any Other Name – Justina Robson
  • About the Authors

Limited to 100 signed (by all authors) hardcover copies


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