Jack Vance Integral Edition - VIE - 47 Volumes cover

Jack Vance Integral Edition - VIE - 47 Volumes Jack Vance

Limited Edition Set SOLD OUT

Complete set of 47 Volumes (44 volumes of the original production with three addition volumes produced by the project as further explained below)

First, this is one of only 200 signed sets, while there were both the signed and unsigned sets dubed "reader's sets" (in addition to a "deluxe set" fully bound in leather) of the less than 600 sets produced only 226 (200 reader's copies and 26 deluxe copies) contain the limitation page in the 44th volume, signed by Jack Vance and numbered, with a limitation of 200.  The story goes, in 1999 when the project was announced only 200 sets were going to be produced, but they sold so quickly the print run was quickly upped, but, and this is just an assumption on our part, to protect and award those who originally agreed to fund the project, only the first 200 were signed as orignially agreed.  This is one of those sets.  During production, which lasted years, tidbits were given, or rather sold, to subscribers, these included three matching volumes

14 bits A supplemental 45th volume, with the 3 'Ellery Queen' novels was also published, which included Strange She Hasn't Written - Death of a Solitary Chess Player - The Man Who Walks Behind

The Gift Edition: Coup de Grace and Other Stories produced in 2001 showcased a number of Jack’s shorter works, and was intended as a primer for the reader unfamiliar with his works. The volume brought seven much-loved stories together, including ‘The Moon Moth’, ‘The Murthe’ and ‘Dodkin’s Job’.

The Science Fiction Volume: The Languages of Poe and the Dragon Masters produced in 2002, both texts were published in significantly revised forms, drawing on the work of the Textual Integrity team to produce for the first time texts as close as possible to Jack’s original intent; both had previously been subject to damaging editorial degradation. The Science Fiction Volume was therefore an important achievement for the VIE, demonstrating its ability to carry out credible textual restoration based on sound evidential principles. It also had the aim of raising the VIE’s profile in the science-fiction community, and unearthing more volunteers.

More about the project: 

The Vance Integral Edition (VIE) is one of the more remarkable publishing feats of the last 50 years. It is a 44-volume set of the complete works of Jack Vance, corrected and restored (as far as possible) to the author’s original manuscripts and titles with the direct help and cooperation of Jack Vance and his family. The VIE was created entirely by volunteer labor and financed primarily by private subscription.  If you really want to get ALL the information on this project please go to http://www.integralarchive.org/index.htm this site includes pages and pages of archived information on the project.

A note on shipping: Shipping and insurance, it is what it is, and won't be cheap, sorry, but these are a lot of books!




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