Shipping Update - Stocking Stuffer Weekend cover

Shipping Update - Stocking Stuffer Weekend * *

Stocking Stuffer Weekend
is Officially Over

Thank you Everyone for
Participating and now
to the task of packing and shipping

Please be patient as this was far more
successful that we had hoped!

UPDATE to Stocking Stuffer Sale

At the end of December 11th, 59% of the orders have been processed*

(It may not seem like a lot of increase from yesterday at 52.5%, but this is "orders processed" not number of books and yesterday's # of books represents 25% of the total number of books that has been processed so far!   It was a busy day for Kim!)

*Processed means, packed and ready for pick up by the post office, paid and put in a customer’s holding box for shipment at a later time, or a lay-away has been processed.

Now to the sale itself, FIRST, Thank You, we could have never dreamed it would be such a success!   This was the first time we tried something like this, and frankly will probably be the last as from 10 am Saturday through 7 pm Monday, during those 57 hours,  we (Kim and Tony) each worked over 35 hours. For a couple of people who used to work 70 to 80 hours a week, but have been fortunate enough to cut that back in recent years to less than 30 hours a week, this was a KILLER. In the future, if we attempt this type of thing again, it will be MUCH more limited!

That being said, the good thing is while we are still pulling orders, we have succeeded in clearing over 75 feet of shelf space, the bad thing is, you really cannot tell!

As the orders are processed we will post the progress here so you can see that, if you ordered, it is being worked on as quickly as we possibly can.

Tony and Kim




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