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Hurricane Update - Please Read SOLD OUT

11:20 EST, 9/3/19, update - Even though it appears Dorian will not make landfall, the portential for  heavy rains/winds still makes me lean towards being cautious and not let anything leave our store until Thursday the 5th.  I will be packing during the next 2 days and getting boxes ready for the Postman, but when you get your tracking e-mail I will be highlighting that the actual shipping date will be Thrusday the 5th of September

In all my years of hurricanes, I have never seen one stall like this for this long

1:00 EST, 8/30/19, update - Postman just picked up for the day, so that is the last shipment out of here until Thursday.  This gives the Post Office time to get the boxes that they did pick up back to the facility, sorted and get them headed out of Florida.  I will continue to pack, but shipments now will reflect a shipping date of Thursday the 5th of Septembert


OK everybody here is what we are looking at.....

Hurricane Dorian has slowed down and now instead of hitting sometime Monday, it's looking like it's going to be early Wednesday AM - so what does this mean to shipping.....I have a few things, wihin the US, that will be heading out today (Friday).  I'm not going to be shipping anything International today as the hurricane is predicted to go into Miami (on the East Coast) which is where International goes out of and I don't want them sitting there as I prefer them here on the West Coast in our building which has 18" thick concrete block walls.  If it does go into Miami, it has to travel across the state to us here on the West Coast in which case it will be downgraded from a potential Cat 4 to a Cat 1.

So after getting ready at home for it this weekend, I'm going to try and come in Monday to pack some stuff up, but nothing will actually head out of here until Thursday the 5th assuming we still have power next week (you never know with a Hurricane what will happen)

Please check back here for any updates

Thank You
Tony and Kim


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